Monday, 16 May 2016

Chef Murph Teaching Food Safety at Touch NJ Cramer Hill Family Festival

May 13, 2016: Chef Murph aka K.T. Murphy from Washington Township, NJ is a renowned volunteer shelter chef cooking food regularly at homeless shelters, soup kitchens and missions around the USA; like St. Paul Church, Camden, NJ, Buffalo City Mission in Buffalo, NY and Veteran Multi-Service Centers.

Currently, he is on a mission for learning about anything related to nutrition, health and food production to help his fellow man in need. His motto he believes that good food makes for better decisions and his goal in life is to feed people in need. He has started an organization called Humans for People Foundation, whose objective is to try and save food that is thrown away from the food banks and feed people in need. The volunteers of this foundation have also cooked the lunch meal for the homeless on Monthly and on Veterans Day and Memorial Day at Veterans Multi-Service Center in Philadelphia. VMC was established in 1980 to tackle the multiple needs of Veterans.

Chef Murph will be a part of the Cremer Hill family festival , Cramer Hill, at Miguels Pharmacy, 321 River Rd,  Camden, NJ, giving food safety demonstration and talking about child nutrition on 21st May, 2016. He will provide private demonstration cooking classes to address different and safe food preparation and cooking methods. He wants to help people to learn the value of properly preparing food and eating the right foods. Chef Murph is also writing a series of free to download cookbooks about healthy eating.

About The Company:
Chef Murph, the famous volunteer shelter chef will be the part of the Cremer Hill family festival, Camden, NJ on 21st May, 2016 providing food safety demonstration classes to the people. To know more visit his website

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Author Name: Chef Murph
Local Address: 10 Acrux Court, Sewell NJ
Phone Number: 856.6686153
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Summary: Chef Murph will be a part of the Touch Food Pantry block party, Cramer Hill, Camden, NJ, giving food safety demonstration and discussing about child nutrition on 21st May, 2016.

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