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Porch Enclosures Can Transform a Porch From Tired Into Amazing

Porch enclosures can transform your so-so porch into an amazing screen porch, 3-season room or sun room. Porch enclosures range from outdoor curtain systems and simple DIY in-a-weekend kits to more complex units that are custom-made and installed by technicians. From curtains to elegant open air systems, there's an enclosure to fit every need and budget. We purchased and installed a DIY enclosure kit to make a screened porch a number of years ago and were extremely glad we did. It's a great investment and will give you many hours of outdoor comfort. Porch enclosures give you instant benefits.
Practically maintenance free; most porch enclosures are made from aluminum and require little upkeep. Enclosures automatically
  • extend the living space of your home
  • give you bug-free outdoor enjoyment
  • give you shelter from the elements
  • provide instant shade to keep you cool.
  • add beauty and functionality to your home
Outdoor curtains are an easy and very economical way to create a porch enclosure. Use them for the entire porch or create your own privacy nook. They come in wide variety of colors, patterns, and materials to fit every decorating style. There's nothing like the look of outdoor curtains swaying in a summer breeze!
Have an awning? Why not turn it into a screen room also. Versatile, this option is very cost effective and gives you great flexibility. It stores easily when not in use, is very easy to install when needed, comes with door openings, and is almost maintenance free.
DIY screen room kits come in standard sizes but can be modified by the manufacturer to fit your specific needs if required. These can be assembled by almost anyone in a weekend and can turn a porch or deck into a bug-free haven. More sophisticated models are available also. Contractors will meet with you to determine your specific needs and your screen or 3-season porch will be manufactured to your specifications. Delivered right to your home, these can usually be assembled quite easily or you could hire a contractor to assist.
Some enclosures can also be modified to fit your specific needs. Have a space or live in an area where you don't need an enclosure year round? For the discriminating homeowner we found just the thing for you - an open wall system to blend indoor and outdoor spaces of your residence with unobstructed views. The panels quickly fold out of the way for instant open-air living or close them and have a unique enclosure. You can use them under decks, for patios, or for spaces that are not easily accessed.
When you want to expand your living space, bring the outside in, and do it quickly, consider a porch enclosure. You are sure to find a model and style to meet your every need.

Porch Enclosures Bring in the Light

Porch enclosures are a efficient way to bring value and beauty to your home. These enclosures allow for surroundings different than that of the other rooms within your home. They can produce an atmosphere perfect for any type of situation you may have. From a casual dinner party, to a fun and relaxing evening playing cards with friends and family.
A sunroom porch enclosure is made to withstand the elements from all four seasons of the year. They are stylish and durable if built right. These enclosures produce an extra ambiance to your home by allowing for a relaxing time with the benefits of nature. They supply an area in which you are able to enjoy the wildlife and scenery surrounding you without you even leaving the comfort of your home.
Several of these are made so that you are able to substitute at least some of the glass panes with screens during the summer for more ventilation. The great thing about a porch enclosure is its versatility from the space it provides. A lot of home owners design it so that it can function as a secondary dining space, game room, guest room, spa deck or sun room. Because all of these types of add-ons usually afford quite a good return on your investment the amount you invest will reflect well in your home's total value. Besides the usability of a porch enclosure, likely buyers will also be delighted by an addition that is welcoming and also adds warmth to the home. It no longer is just a plain porch.
Enclosures are even practical add-ons for areas that get a lot of snow during the winter. They can act as a a barrier to the snow and wind which can help you in reducing your heating bill. With the sunroom addition the screen windows help to create an environment that is bug free but will still feel like you are sitting outside. You can pick from different door types that lead to the outdoors, such as, sliding doors or regular storm doors. The windows can be clear or tinted depending on the privacy you need.

You can even convert an existing porch enclosure you already have into an all year sun room. The different possibilities for this new living space is only limited by your imagination. These patio enclosures or sunrooms can be a place to relax or just a place to cool down on a warm summer evening. They can bring air and sunlight into the room so that you can enjoy the comfort of this new addition to your home.

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